First National Redress of Grievances Lodged with All Elected Representatives
of Return to Constitutional Governance and Fiscal Responsibility
Monday, April 19th, 2010 — 12:00 Noon
Sacramento, California
South Steps of the State Capitol
(Every State of the Union will participate - look up your state)

The purpose of the Articles of Freedom is to start the process of returning the United States to Constitutional Governance – This is a final step towards completing due diligence before taking large scale remedial civic actions. This step is taken in the name of every organization dedicated to the defense of the Constitution and We the People.

My name is Tony Dolz. I am one of the three Continental Congress (Articles of Freedom) delegates from California. I will be in Sacramento to deliver the Articles of Freedom to all elected representatives on April 19th and to participate in the California part of the national Articles of Freedom ceremony.

You too can participate in this historical event/ceremony on April 19th in Sacramento.
There is a number of roles you can play; some significant ones require very little time and effort.
Sign up to help here:

Enclosed find the Articles of Freedom (a PDF document attached) and important support and information links below.

Fox News Interview about Articles of Freedom – Breathtaking coverage
Do you want to know what are the Articles of Freedom and the Continental Congress?
Watch Judge Andrew Napolitano (Fox News Personality) interview Articles of Freedom spokesman and Chairman of We the People Foundation, Bob Schulz

The state of California Articles of Freedom coordinator is Chris Rizzuti ( Contact Chris at his email address immediately and let him know what role you would like to play.

Mike MacKenzie is the local coordinator in the Greater Sacramento area, (

$10 Contribution or more needed today.
If all goes well we will have a full program on April 19th and thousands of flyers to distribute on April 15th at the Tea Party in Sacramento and elsewhere. We are $400 short of the budget amount. Please send $10 or $20 or whatever you can afford and encourage others to do the same today and tomorrow. We need to reach our budge goal by Wednesday at the latest.

Send $10 or $20 to
Mike MacKenzie
901 Morgan Ranch Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Get word out to the MEDIA today.
Forward the attached News Release (Word document) and forward it to your local media outlets, blogs, forums and meetup groups.

Attached is the Articles of Freedom FLYER for the Sacramento event/ceremony April 19th to be attached to email blasts and to media contacts.

READ the Articles of Freedom and take the pledge at this link. Do it now, time is running out.

Here is a TOOL for CONTACTING the MEDIA – You can select the whole state, or cities or zip codes

Here is the link to the Continental Congress 2009 (which produced the Articles of Freedom)

Best wishes

Tony Dolz