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Thread: OFCC - Campbell Ohio Open Carry Rally on Saturday, 17 April @ 2PM

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    When: Saturday, April 17, 2010 2:00 PM


    Campbell Municipal Court
    351 Tenney Avenue
    Campbell, OH
    (330) 755-2165

    Important 2nd amendment allert in our own back yard.

    Young Americans for Liberty is hosting a rally in the city of Campbell on Saturday the April 17 in support of the Second Amendment to repeal an illegal city ordinance banning the sale of guns in the city.

    Campbell passed 4-1 an ordinance banning the sale of guns in the city, and this law is AGAINST OHIO STATE LAW as well as is unconstitutional. Ohio state law strictly prohibits cities and municipalities from regulating the sale of guns.

    Campbell doesn't care what state or federal law says.

    Juanita Rich, the one councilperson who voted against it, will be a speaker, as will Varg, President of YAL at YSU, Dan Moadus former Girard city councilman and congressional candidate, and others.

    In support of this illegal law are the mayor and the police, so we need your support. We are willing to stand up for liberty, please show up and show your support. The more of us there are the less vulnerable we will be.

    News media has been alerted, WFMJ may be there, a live broadcast from WYSU is being discussed, as well as several freelance reporters.

    The city of Campbell is in fiscal emergency. A lawsuit is inevitable, and the city will lose, costing the taxpayers money for something unnecessary. Let's do our job and stop this thing in its tracks before it goes that far. That is what we are all out here for.

    Please show up and give us your support. Even if you do not live in Campbell, or Ohio even, this is your backyard and it can come to you next! Stop them NOW! Alert all gun owners and supporters of constitutional government limits.


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    Whoa dang, I want to go but don't get off work til' 1pm and it's a 3 hour 53 minute drive lol I dont think I can make it

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    OFCC files lawsuit against the city of Campbell, Ohio

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