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Thread: 83-year-old man's gun goes off at the Sunvalley Mall in Concord

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    83-year-old man's gun goes off at the Sunvalley Mall in Concord

    An 83-year-old man has been arrested after his gun went off inside the 24-Hour Fitness Center at the Sunvalley Mall on Sunday night, according to the Concord Police Department.It appears the shooting happened by accident, said Lt. Steve Dyer.
    At approximately 6:00PM, CPD officers were dispatched to the 24 Hour Fitness Center located at Sun Valley Mall regarding an elderly male suspect who fired a handgun inside the business.The suspect was located sitting in his vehicle parked in the west parking lot of the mall near the front of the gym. He was detained without incident and a loaded handgun was located inside his vehicle.
    The subsequent investigation revealed the suspect, who is a member of the gym, carried the loaded handgun in his gym bag and entered the locker room. At one point the gym bag was either dropped or bumped and the handgun discharged, firing one round into a wall.
    Numerous patrons were nearby when the handgun was inadvertently fired and fortunately nobody was injured during the incident.
    The suspect (83 year old Howard Ralph Adams of Concord) was arrested and transported to the Concord City Jail.
    He was booked on a felony charge of Willful Discharge of a Firearm in a Negligent Manner, as well as the misdemeanor charges of Carrying a Concealed Weapon/Firearm in a Vehicle and Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public.
    Adams was released pending case review by the District Attorney's Office.


    Almost as bright as this bulb:

    Man arrested after his gun goes off inside El Mirage Walmart
    by Jake A. Harris - Apr. 8, 2010 03:43 PM
    The Arizona Republic

    El Mirage police arrested a man on suspicion of endangerment when the gun he was carrying fired, launching a bullet into a store's ceiling early Thursday morning, officials said.
    David Walter, a 30-year-old Surprise resident, entered the Walmart near 129th Avenue and West Thunderbird Road about 1 a.m. While in the store, witnesses told police he repeatedly fidgeted with a holstered semi-automatic pistol.
    No injuries were reported, and Walter was arrested without incident, El Mirage police Detective Robert Peoples said.
    At one point, a clerk working the electronics section told police that Walter took the gun out of its holster and then removed and replaced the gun's magazine. The woman feared she was about to be robbed and notified the store manager. Walter continued through the store, apparently with a video game he told the clerk he would pay for at the front registers, Peoples said.
    Walter wound up near a register where he later told police he intended to purchase the game. He removed the gun from the holster again, causing the magazine to come loose and fall to the floor. Walter re-inserted the magazine and continued manipulating the gun when it fired, sending one round into the ceiling, Peoples said.
    The identity of the gun's owner was unclear, but authorities were able to determine that the firearm had not been reported stolen.
    Police arrested and booked Walter into Fourth Avenue Jail on six counts of endangerment and firing a weapon in city limits.

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    At least the Concord man wasn't OCing. At best he was acting in a negligent manner. If old men don't get charged and sentenced to prison for these things, can a 14th amendment equal protection suit be brought forth when younger men are given harsh sentences for the same crime?

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