Had to go over to the Sheriff's office in Jackson today to renew my CCW. Because of work things today was wearing slacks, dress shirt & tie. Had a sports coat in the car but left it there because it was pretty warm. Was carrying XD45 IWB in a Minotaur holster.

In MO you can't carry into police facilities so I left my sidearm in my car parked between 2 sheriff's vehicles and OC'd my holster into the dept. Was greeted by 2 LEO who were walking through the building as I was going to the right office/window. Both were friendly and smiling and only glanced toward my holster probably ensuring it was empty. The CCW deputy was, as last time, very polite and friendly. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Back in the car holstered up drove to Wal-Mart.

Now I haven't OC'd in Jackson for a while, mainly because in cool weather I am usually in a jacket or sweater CC in Cape where OC is prohibited by ordinance and when so dressed for CC it is just usually easier to stay CC than switch to OC and having the sweater bunch up or having to carry a coat/jacket. I have to admit that I had a twinge of that "first timer" trepidation which I guess is why I decided to write about what what was really a mundane, uneventful occasion.

It was a kinda busy so I had to park fairly far out. One guy was eyeballing me in the parking lot but didn't say anything. No one else seemed to notice. Upon entering two employees were talking straight ahead from where I walked in and my shopping needs required walking past them. One of them certainly looked to my hip and both gave smiling greetings and I just reciprocated and went on. Got a few things and then needed stuff from the opposite end of the store. As I walked that distance I passed by two Wal-Mart badged employees in shirt and tie, no blue vest (manager types?). One looked at me, said "good morning, sir", I replied in kind and walked on. Spent some time looking for a particular light bulb and then had a discussion with the lawn and garden guy about wasp spray. Checked out with no issues.

Went over to the Wal-Mart gas station as it is a few cents cheaper than in Cape and topped off a few gallons, paid cash and left. Again no one seemed to notice.

I think the trepidation was that 1) I HAD to get back to the office for an afternoon meeting and a few hours talking to po-po would have messed up my day and (2) the last time I OC'd at that Wal-Mart one shirt and tie guy seemed to be following us around pretending to make himself look busy with a clipboard. Maybe he was just coincidentally often nearby but it seemed a little too often if you know what I mean. The few greetings today seemed a little more pointed than usual, but that could have just been my a slightly alerted perception. The staff at that Wal-Mart certainly is generally more friendly than the nearby one in Cape so it may have been nothing more than nice people.

Any way, all of that to report 1) the sheriff's office was/is still friendly to CC citizens and 2) OC'd because it was more comfortable for me and nothing negative occurred. It certainly was refreshing to be OC again for numerous reasons.