We've scheduled a RIGHT TO CARRY awareness gathering at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. April 14th. It will begin at noon and not end until late at night. This will allow those who can't get off work during the day to attend after work.


We want to:

1) Solemnly honor the victims of the tragedy at NIU
2) Raise awareness of right to carry
3) Raise awareness of the dangers of gun free zones

Groups in addition to ICarry.org participating/affiliated so far:
1) Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
2) OpenCarry.org
3) GunMap.org
4) ALL groups are invited - add yours to the list!!!

We are not blaming gun free zones or gun control for what happened - we only blame the perpetrator. But we must draw attention to the fact that every one of these shootings happens in a gun free zone. We MUST honor the victims by doing everything we can to prevent future incidents. The best way to prevent these things and limit casualties is to encourage people to exercise their right to self-defense no matter where they are. Self defense is needed everywhere, and gun free zones in particular become prime targets for psychopaths.

The "Free Speech Zone" we will be gathering in is located right outside the big Student Center building (tallest building in DeKalb!)