This FOImay be edited and sent shortly.

c/o Public Information Officer:

TO: The Acting Chief

Connecticut State Capitol Police
Legislative Office Bldg, Room
300 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Phone: (860) 240-0240
Fax: (860) 240-0247

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a request for prompt access to any and all public records pertaining to the recent Second Amendment March[/b] which took place at the State Capitol on the afternoon of Saturday April 10, 2010.

It is the undersigned’s understanding and belief that individuals attending the Second Amendment March were informed that they should or could not carry firearms during the event.

It is further believed that the Connecticut General Statutes may not be clear regarding whether or not a person may carry a firearm on the GROUNDS surrounding the State Capitol Builiding or Legislative Office Building at the Capitol in Hartford.

The Connecticut General Statutes in Sec.2-1e.states in part:

"...guilty of interfering with the legislative process when he, alone or in concert with others, brings into[/b], or possesses within[/b], any building[/b] in which the chamber of either house of the General Assembly is located or in which the official office of any member, officer or employee of the General Assembly or the office of any committee of the General Assembly or either house thereof is located[/b] or any building[/b] in which a committee of the General Assembly is holding a public hearing, any weapon, whether loaded or unloaded, from which a shot may be discharged,..”


Prompt access and possible copies of ALL[/b] written or electronic communications created or received by or from the State of Connecticut Capitol Police and the Connecticut Department of Public Safety, The Chief States Attorney’s Office, the Hartford County State’s Attorney’s Office and/or the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office regarding the carrying of firearms on Capitol Grounds by persons in possession of a Valid Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers in anticipation for the planned event on April 10, 2010.