Does anyone know if this is still infact true? This creates a very unfriendly enviornment for gun carriers. I visit Charleston often , have my conceal permit as well , however I open carry most of the time when im at home and would like to know if I'm just setting myself up for trouble by taking my firearm to Charleston due to all these places that I can not take them... No way really to tell what building are city owned or what property is city owned... Very frustrating...

Charleston WV

Sec. 78-165. Carrying weapons upon municipal public property. It shall be unlawful for any person to carry

on or about his person any revolver or pistol, dirk, bowie knife, slingshot, razor, billy, metallic or other

false knuckles, or other dangerous or deadly weapon of like kind or character in or upon city hall, municipal

auditorium, the civic center, and all parks and recreation buildings ad facilities, including recreation centers,

playgrounds, swimming pools, dressing areas, tennis courts, parks and recreation areas and all other

buildings, structures, facilities, and grounds thereof, owned or occupied by the City of Charleston; however,

the provisions of this section shall not apply to city, county, sate and federal law enforcement officers and to

exhibitors and performers at city-sanctioned events who obtain advance written authorization from the chief

of police. (Ord. No. 4941, 4-19-1993; Bill No. 7103, 12-6-2004)