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Thread: I will exercise my right to be FREE!!! Will you...

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    There is a movement across our great country, a well financed movement of individuals looking to take away our Rights, our way of life, and our privelage as law abiding citizens of this great country.
    Our right to Open Carry in this great land is in a balance and at risk of being taken from our very hands.
    I look to begin a movement though small in nature, if I touch only ONE person out there and help them to understand that even ONE person can make a difference in this fight to protect our 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms and to have the opportunity to Open Carry in our cities I will be happy in that accomplishment.
    I, from this moment on, will Open Carry in not only the city I live but anywhere I travel and keeping in line with the local statutes and laws. I am a law abiding citizen of this country where I love the privelages I am adorned. Amongst those privelages I am a free man, and I will open carry.
    I will fight for my rights, I will remain vigilant against evil, I will help to educate those with fears of such things. For I believe that education is key in understanding about not only Open Carry but most importantly weapon safety as a whole.
    I challenge each and every one of you to understand your local laws and exercise your right to open carry in your areas. Help to educate the general public, lower your walls, and become approachable in this regard. Be a friend not an instrusive individual in this regard. Assist in opening the door to understanding and acceptance as it was many decades ago when this great land was placed in the hands of our great nation's fathers.
    My challenge...
    If you so choose to accept it... Open Carry in your areas or where ever it is legal. Speak out in response to my post, if you like... post a pic.
    Good Luck and God Speed!
    Boise, Id.

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    Dutch, we area couple a hundred years into the challenge, set forth by our founders. I think your post should read, that you just woke up to it and your now ready for that eternal challenge of protecting our rights.

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