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Thread: Tips on your rights when dealing with the police

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    They have alot of info on your rights and what to do during police encounters. Also touching on 4 & 5 amendment rights and other common questions about dealing with the police.
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    Chrisc411 wrote:

    They have alot of info on your rights and what to do during police encounters. Also touching on 4 & 5 amendment rights and other common questions about dealing with the police.
    Here's another one. It's from a lawyer and a cop.
    A citizen may not be required to offer a ―good and substantial reason-- why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The right‘s existence is all the reason he needs.

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    The lawyer/cop one is one of the most entertaining and informative ones I've watched. I've got it linked on my own local site.
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    The video with the Lawyer and Cop should be required watching for EVERY law-abiding citzen at least once a month. The system is rigged against the citizen and in favor of every scummy unethical cop who wants to boost his arrest and conviction record. Good cops can be tainted so easily by just a few bad apples with this system.

    Here is what I learned from the video, et allia, (obviously, different scenarios will dictate using some responses below and not others):

    • Don't say anything to any cop, except:
    • Am I being detained?
    • Am I being arrested?
    • Am I free to leave?
    • No ID for you officer as this is not a "stop and ID state." (unless you're in a motor vehicle or not in CA).
    • Officer, I did not give you permission to break-open my gun to look for a serial number!
    • Officer, if my gun is unloaded per 12031 (e), you are by law supposed put my gun back in its holster and let mego--you don't have RAS!
    • Officer, don't violate my 4th A rights!
    • Officer, I did not giveyou permission to search my car--what is your RAS or PC for a search?
    • If you are detained or arrested, tell them you want your lawyer. If they continue with the questioning, remind them of your 5th A rights and ask "where is my lawyer." Even if you are completely innocent. ONLY give: Name: MM; Rank: law-abiding citizen, Serial #: give DL #.
    • If your lawyer directs you to answer questions, fire your lawyer.
    • Ask for immunity even if you are innocent to avoid entrappment.

    Did I say the correctthings?

    Did I ask too many questions?

    Am I learning?


    Edit: I removed a typo comma.

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