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Thread: Looking for Safety Officers for Shooting on the Move (SOTM)

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    Many of you know that I put on some practice shoots for those that choose to carry. These practice sessions are designed to do things other regular ranges won't let you do.

    Draw from a holster
    Shoot on the Move
    Rapid controlled fire - not just "double taps"
    Shooting using cover
    Multiple magazine reloads

    For further information on what I do you can simply do a google search for oldkim and Shooting Like the Good Old Days, Shooting on the Move.

    There is not many places you can practice these fundamental skills. And most of the shooters are not interested in the competition side (yet). These are self paced and mentored shooting practice to build your skill set.

    This is my second season of doing these shoots at Renton Fish and Game Club.

    This thread istwofold.
    1) to let those newer members of this forum know what I do and.
    2) to see if I can interest those NRA, IDPA, USPSA, CMP, LEO or other disciplines that are safety officer or instructor rated by a national organization to help out.

    So, I'm calling all those that are "rated" and interested to contact me. We can discuss any concerns and/or questions.

    For those that want to shoot. You need to send me your contact information (email, full name, contact phone and if you would include a simple background of your shooting experience). Please do not PM me - email me at

    These are not sanctioned matches and are not NRA approved courses. This is a hybrid of shooting disciplines meant to teach basic fundamental practical shooting scenarios that are fun and self defense orientated.

    Bottomline: the more Safety Officers that I can get the larger the shoots can be and the less each shooter has to wait equals more trigger time for the shooter.

    Cost to shoot is $30 for non members and $10 for members of Renton Fish and Game Club

    These shoots are focused on pistol but we are exploring using rifles and shotguns for close range (CQB) type drills for self defense.

    No dates set up - only the folks on my email will be notified of upcoming shoots.

    So, if you are interested email me.

    Young Kim,
    NRA Certified Instructor (pistol)
    NRA Range Safety Officer
    NRA Life Member

    "Shoot Safely, Shoot Often and Share Your Sport." Jim Scoutten, Shooting USA
    Young Kim, NRA Endowment Member
    NRA Certified Instructor (pistol)
    NRA Range Safety Officer

    "Shoot Safetly, Shoot Often and Share Your Sport!"
    Jim Scoutten, Shooting USA

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    I'm certainly interested in the next one. Its been a few years now since I have been in an environment that I can shoot this way.

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    What days do you usually hold this on? I work wierd schedule so not available normal days. Would be interested though , also been some time since I got to do any of those.

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