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Thread: California Busness ok with Open Carry

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    I have looked through almost all new threads scanning for peoples take on business that allow open carry in their stores. i would like to make a list for california people on busineses that allow open carry or businesses that make no big deal out of OCing in their store. Couple questions i have..

    -Does Bank of America allow Open carry? if so where is their policy that says they allow it?
    -Does Walmart allow Open Carry? if so, if confronted what can i show them to proof that their policy says im allowed too..
    -Sports Authority?

    These are businesses i frequent quit a bit and im new to open carry and really don't want any confrontation from employees. anyone have any good experiences from these top stores?

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    You'd probably get better responses in the CA subforum.

    BoAC: I don't remember if it is allowed or not
    Walmart: Follows local, state, and federal laws.
    Blockbuster: I've been in the one in back home in WI. IIRC, they allow carry in their stores.
    Target: I think they also follow local, state, and federal laws.
    Sports Authority: No idea.
    Best Buy: Follows local, state, and federal laws.

    If you OC, you are going to eventually face some confrontation with somebody.
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