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Thread: New frame on gun, re registration question!!

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm very new to this forum and first off I am very impressed and look up to you all for exercising your 2nd amendent right. I just started OCing recently, nothing negative so far far, but I am sure it will eventually happen! Well my question to you all is I own a couple pistols, one of them being my H&K USP 9mm and it was damaged during a training exercise at the firm I work for.

    I mailed the pistol to the main H&K company and a week later they gave me a call asking how it happened and that I had to re register the gun because there was a new serial number on the frame, but it doesn't match the serial number on the slide which really troubles me.

    Well, I've been in and out of state this past year and it has been a year since there was a new serial number to the pistol itself, I should of re registered it before leaving but whats done is done. I have the paperwork from H&K and the repair number for the pistol specifically.

    Pretty much I took apart the pistol and locked it up and have not re registered it yet, I still of course have the original Blue Card for it, so what do I do with the pistol now, will Metro give me crap about it, or shall I take it to the gun store I originally bought it at and pay the background check to get it re registered.

    It just seems like a pain that H&K threw a different serial number frame on it, and I know I should of registered it immediately, but due to surrounding circumstances at the time I had more pressing priorities, any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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    One of my H&Ks is the same way three different serial numbers.The frame is the gun if you change the frame you need a new card no biggie at henderson pd. My sig p250 I can change my cal from 9-45 and go from compact to sub by swapping grips, slides and bbls etc as long as I do'nt change the trigger assembly its all the same gun...

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