I am in my Kitchen talking with the wife, planning out how to lose some weight! When all of a sudden, a 1990 looking Subaru pulls up and 2 guys get out and walk west down the street, then turn and both men start walking east down the street.One tall guy in a polo shirt and shorts (normal looking) but very big. Driving a little car, the other guy dressed in a black hoodie it was like 75 today, the girl walks up to my neighbors door, I go and put on my XD40- OC outside looking up and down the street. I see my neighbor left his garage door open, they have a Honda pilot with some nice rims, their friend's nice Acura is parked in the driveway. (Ok don't give me any for not OCing in my home. I go outside looking for the women no where in site the car door is open, looks like someone is in the car? I go into my friends house, Hey what did they want, he sees my Gun and says, Oh good you are packing!"

He tells me, they are looking to paint people's house # on the curb and she is a "teacher" with her students from the U of U. Huh? I approach the person in the car (female on the phone) from a safe distance, Hey what are you doing here? I say, you and your friends are acting different, and I am concerned about your present here on "my street". "Sir, we are students.....bah bah bah. I tell her I am only asking because the guys get out of the car with no spray paint, no backpacks, or bags with with no supplies, the gal only had a cardboard stencil in her hand and no spray paint in the other?

The gal in the car says, ok sir we will leave if you don't like us parking here, I round the back of the car and note the LP# The gal had all black clothes on, thick black makeup on her eyes. I had my XD40 in my #2 Serpa Holster OCing, with my USMC Camp Pendleton t-shirt on in shorts with no shoes on. I went there and bought the shirt, but she does know that! :PWith my crew cut hair, big gut, i must have looked pretty scary because once I got in my house I noticed they were gone. "Maybe just maybe me OCing might have had soemthing to do with it. Oh, yeah they had a BBQ size propane tank in the back of the station wagon. Can you say Meth-Heads? My wife said maybe they use it to BBQ with? Yeah if it is Meth that they are cooking up.

My neighbors thanked me, and I said you are welcome, and now aren't you glad you have a nosey next door neighbor, we all had a laugh. Seriously, always pay attention when you see things that don't set right with you. I was just about to call the police and they took off, i still might call them just to give them a heads up.