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Thread: Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Austrailia loosening handgun laws for famers & ranchers

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    WA pastoralists allowed to have handguns

    Monday, 19/04/2010

    The Western Australian Government has responded to calls to improve safety for pastoralists by allowing them access to handguns while mustering.

    For nearly a year, WA pastoralists have been banned from possessing handguns, even for self-protection when handling livestock.

    WA Police Minister Rob Johnson says the government is acting to amend gun legislation which will allow pastoralists and farmers access to handguns (Category H firearms), provided they can justify the need to have them.

    "I have taken the view that there is a special case here for our farmers, pastoralists and graziers who have to display a genuine need for them, to access the category H firearms again."

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    Unfortunately, this is a privilege being granted, not a right restored.

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