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Thread: Open carry, holsters and seat belts

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    I see lotsa stories of carrying throughout the day, shopping, etc.,but I see nothing dealing with wrestling with a seatbelt and a holster being in the way. My seatbelt is a hassle and I don't open carry...yet.

    Is there such a thing as a holster that snaps apart leaving one part on the belt and letting you put the hostered gun on the seat???

    Also, I thought I'd go to a gun show for the selection of guns and holsters, but reading up on it I think it's got the potential for a lotta hassle and dissatisfaction...which I wanna avoid. I see nothing in any thread about gun shows...Do they suck or are they ok or what?

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    If you like the SERPA system there's a disconnect kit for it.
    The image is from Botach, but it can be purchased from many other places.

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    you could also give these guys a look-see. their rigs are detachable and interchangeable between platforms. you can even buy just 'the wheel' and be able to mount your holster anywhere you have a flat spot, ie: under your dashboard or your desk.

    the Eagle Industries G-CODE RTI System.
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