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Thread: Open Carry Advocate making Open Carry Documentary

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    I am a newspaper editor and a Constitutionalist making a Pro Open Carry documentary. I know I missed some recent events, but I need to attend an Open Carry event of any size. I live in Castro Valley, CA in the Bay Area. I want the people of this great nation to know that Open Carry is here to stay. I want to get interviews with other Open Carry advocates about their experiences. I am also interviewing law enforcement officials on their take on the matter.

    Many young people in this generation were not taught the importance of firearms in the history of this nation, nor were they taught how to operate and respect these valuable machines. Due to the thoughtless actions of idiots and criminals, guns have a negative stigma in society. I seek to rectify that misconception.

    I will focus on the importance of citizens exercising their rights, gun safety intended for young people (Eddie Eagle), and how Open Carry is a crime deterrent.

    Law abiding citizens should be left alone.

    Please call for an immediate response or Email me and/or reply to this post.

    Jon Harnmuanphongs
    Metro Editor
    Pioneer Newspaper, Hayward, CA

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    you might try posting this on facebook sites,

    Eastbay open carry

    Norcal open carry

    707open carry


    Bay area open carry movement

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    The problem isn't nation-wide... the problem is rather limited and isolated. Open carry is legal in 46 states, and is widely accepted in most of those states.

    In my humble opinion, your documentary may be missing the target. What we really need is to remind the people of CA just how crazy our gun laws are. Remind them of the racist history of gun laws, and 12031 in particular.

    The latter part I think is pretty straightforward, so I won't go into that any further. The former, I believe could be done by interviewing police chiefs. Pick a major city in each state, pick a short list of questions, and ask them to each chief.


    What impact does the exposed carry of firearms have on your department's resources?
    What impact does it have on officer safety?
    What is your department's policy/procedure if someone phones in that they are disturbed by the sight of a person carrying an exposed firearm?
    Do you think the laws are too strict, too lax, or just right?

    I guarantee the LAPD Chief will respond much differently than the Phoenix PD Chief.
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    Of course, LAPD Chief center. And why former Az Police Chief George Gascon, who left to head San Francisco's police force for what?

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