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Thread: Live around Portland? Join us for the 2nd Amendment rally in Olympia this Saturday, April 24

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    There will be a huge Second Amendment March Rally at noon, this Saturday at the Capitol in Olympia. See the website for more information:

    Open Carry is driving the organization effort. This will be a family event with a motorcycle flag procession, notable speakers, music, refreshments and other goodies.

    Join your fellow patriots and celebrate and support the right to keep and bear arms. For more information contact coordinator and Open Carry member Jim Beal (DEROS72) at

    David Del Buono

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    We have already promoed this on KIRO radio with Kirby Wilber

    and I will be on the Victoria Taft show Friday at 12:50 to do another spot on the event.KPAM 860 .

    WE have a list of speakers.including Dave Workman as the sodas ,balloons, tables with as much gun rights and carry info as we can put together.Music, the whole smash..Should be could and we would love to see some of ourOregon 2A supporters join us.. Thanks

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