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Thread: Paul Helmke admits attendees at VA armed rally were 'polite'

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    Feeling the love...

    From Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke:
    Being treated (for the most part) politely by people on a beautiful sunny day whose level of fear and paranoia seemed to reflect a dark view of society and our nation.
    Funny, this doesn't look like anyone is being intentionally hateful or intimidating...despite media reports to the contrary. And as for "fear and paranoia" and "a dark view of our society and nation," it's not our side that doesn't trust polite Americans to keep and bear arms.

    Perhaps if the arm of friendship is extended we can all get along and Paul will learn to trust his fellow citizens, and stop demanding enforced obedience to his will?

    If he'd only asked, I'd have been happy to loan him and his entourage some guns and perfectly willing to trust them to walk among us in peaceful and civil defense of the two keystone rights we celebrated on a beautiful sunny day, with the shining city entrusted to uphold and preserve those rights serving as a backdrop reminder.

    Here's to the day when he can join us for a similar celebration in front of the Washington Monument.

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    Yeah, he must have been referring to his own state of mind when he spoke of "paranoia" and "fear".
    By the way, nothing I say on this website as "user" should be taken as either advertising for attorney services or legal advice, merely personal opinion. Everyone having a question regarding the application of law to the facts of their situation should seek the advice of an attorney competent in the subject matter of the issues presented and licensed to practice in the relevant state.

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    While, of course, anyone will experience specific and immediate fear with good cause, I don't believe that we gun owners are the ones (for the most part) who experience any general fears about society at large.

    I remember the one time in my entire life I have felt such general, nonspecific fear. I was a small child, and the concept of a "burglar" had finally been explained to (or at least understood by) me. There was something about the apparent randomness of my conception of it that drove the fear home.

    Of course, my parents soon allayed my fears as any good parents will.

    I was just thinking about this little memory earlier today. I realized that, precisely because I know exactly what that fear of and paranoia regarding society feels like (due to this one experience), I am able to confidently say that is a fear I have never felt since, and it has become nearly completely alien to me (aside from that distant memory).

    No, Mr, Helmke, "fear and paranoia" are not my feelings. Those have been projected upon me from within yourself.

    For shame!

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