From WorldNetDaily: Why Legal Guns Still Cause Arrests.;pageId=144957

Well written & researched article by Michael Carl but no mention if the fellow involved had his firearm returned?
Includes a poll at the bottom of the page.

From the article;
"There is a perceived notion that if someone outside the law in Connecticut is carrying a firearm, concealed or otherwise, then someone is probably engaging in some type of illegal act," Wilson said. "Never mind what the employees thought. The police themselves are unaware of the law. On many occasions, talking with retired or active duty state police officers in Connecticut, they very simply don't know the law," Wilson said.
"And in some cases, even after I've pointed it out to them, they throw out, 'Well, we will charge you with breach of peace.' So it's not just the employees of Chili's. Police officers, Connecticut state troopers, and a lot of NRA instructors who teach the safety course here in Connecticut don't know the law," Wilson said.