This story shows that, like apparently most states, Alaska does not criminalize gun carry on campus and the most that University officials or police can do is ask the gun carrier to leave campus, or in the case of students/staff, administer administrative sanctions.

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Open carry protest at UAA ends with 4 violations, no arrests
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[size=by Jason Lamb
Wednesday, April 28, 2010][/size]

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Dozens of protestors advocating concealed carry of guns on campus spoke out at UAA Wednesday.

Organizers say the University of Alaska regents' policy prohibiting concealed guns on campus should be changed.

The groups involved were the Anchorage Second Amendment Task Force and Students for Concealed Carry. They advertised the gathering, bringing together several people -- many of them with guns, which is against university policy.

No matter what you've got to say these days, it seems everybody is going to find a way to say it.

"I want my rights to be protected," said Harley Brown.

"We just ask that you leave the campus with it, OK? ... have a good day sir," a UAA campus police officer said to him.

The protest to pack heat on campus could be the most public act of civil disobedience UAA has ever seen.

. . .

"Unfortunately, apparently nothing gets done in today's society unless you create a spectacle, so here I stand in front of all these cameras looking silly with a gun on my hip, because it's the right thing to do," he said.

So he found a way to get the word out even if it meant getting a violation.

It was the big story with every news outlet in town, but there was another story there, too.

Not too far away, Dan Henderson supports gun rights too, but he doesn't holster a gun.

"As long as I've got two arms, I've got a place to put ‘em," he said, raising the American and Alaskan flags.

He's guarding something perhaps even more powerful.

"The flag is what we're here for; the right to carry a gun is part of this flag," he said.

. . .

"Three people cited for carrying a gun. So how many didn't carry a gun?" Henderson said.

"They're being interviewed and they're being on TV. That's not why I came here," he said.

Campus police say four people were given notices of campus policy violation. Only one of the four was a student, who may face disciplinary action.

There's no punishment for the other three.

Hines says he accomplished what he wanted to. He says he now has legal standing to challenge the UA regents' policy about concealed carry in court.