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Thread: Wall Street Journal takes on OC

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    WSJ talks about the "Open Carry Movement" and makes some serious editorial comments.

    Members of the Armed Polite Society forum make some serious editorial comments in response.

    Getting past the editorialization (is that a real word??) you can read some fairly important things about Open Carrying.

    stay safe.

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    Was this hit piece on the editorial page of the WSJ? Or, was it a letter to the editor? I cannot believe that they would allow such a gratuitously biased piece of work by a TV critic to be presented as a thoughtful editorial.

    I lost all respect for the author when she referred to OCers as "bozos." I expect better than name-calling from the WSJ. This lady should go to work for the Times.

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    I can't see how anyone in NY can have any legitimate complaint about OC. It's illegal in NY unless you have a permit, and we all know how easy permits are to get in the city of NY. They are about as easy to get as in LA or Baltimore. Unless of course, you work for Goldman Sachs...

    And her comment about the "Wild West" is an oft-proven lie. The homicide rate in the WORST "wild west" towns was statistically lower than modern-day NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, LA, and DC. Quite honestly, the violent crime rates in the "wild west" would be a welcome decrease in most urban cities today...

    There was a time when the WSJ was simply an analytical voice for the corrupt NY Financial world. Now, they've seen fit to become an overall tool for these Neo-Serfdom Oligarchs on all issues.

    They seem to believe that Freedom of the Press belongs only to those who own one...

    What these selfimportant plutocrats don't know is that a LOT of us 2A folks are also ardent defenders of the 1A, and we do, in fact, own our own presses--in our garages, our basements, and our studios.

    And in case things get REALLY bad, we've got TONS of lead type that can be VERY easily converted into other, more "utilitarian" forms...
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
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    A crap fest by a "TV" Critic.

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    Pretty much a crap piece. She obviously doesn't know anything about guns and I doubt she actually knows anyone who owns one. A .416 Rigby carry weapon?

    I can't totally dump on WSJ because they did print a fairly balanced OC article a while back (they'll still be getting a nasty-gram from me).

    But what troubles me is the number of gun guys who still think concealment is necessary for self-defense. When will folks realize that sneaking up on someone is an offensive tactic? Detectives hide their guns because they need to be sneaky. Patrol officers OC because they want everyone to know they are ready to deal with a situation.

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    Daddyo wrote
    Patrol officers OC because they want everyone to know they are ready to deal with a situation.

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