From Today's Facebook Open Carry Movement Alert:

California anti-gun group trying to block legalization of open carry in Oklahoma!

Open carriers:

Soon after the Oklahoma Senate voted 33-15 to legalize open carry in Oklahoma, the California-based anti-gun rights lobby group "Legal Community Against Violence" decided to stick their nose into matter, opposing the bill. Their lobbyist-attorney Lindsay Nicholls exclaimed that if open carry reform passes, that "[t]]here's no way for officers to know that people are just exercising their rights [or can] quickly determine whether the gun is owned legally." See Tulsa World news coverage at

Here at we have no way of knowing if Ms. Lindsay Nicholls, Esquire, has ever been to Oklahoma or knows where it is - but we can tell you that Nicholls shot her mouth off without even bother to read HB 3354 which provides in plain sight that open carry of properly holstered handguns will be limited to those ALREADY holding the permit to conceal!

Meanwhile, common sense law enforcement professionals like Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan appropriately said that his department does take stances on pending legislation "but has had no trouble with the concealed-carry law. We'll just have to wait and see, but I've been impressed with concealed carry," Jordan said.


If you are an Oklahoma resident, student, or business owner with an Oklahoma address, FIRST, sign the online petition for Oklahoma if you have not already done so at

SECOND, go to to find and contact your state representative now - send him a short message encouraging him to vote FOR HB 3354 and legalize open carry.

Suggested Email:

SUBJECT: Please support HB 3354 to legalize open carry for permit holders!

Dear Representative:

I just read that the California-based anti-gun rights lobby group "Legal Community Against Violence" decided to stick their nose into Oklahoma to oppose legalization of the open carry handguns by people who ALREADY hold an Oklahoma Conceal Carry Permit. As a supporter of Second Amendment rights in Oklahoma, I find this meddling outrageous.

Most states allow open carry without any permit at all. I support open carry for Oklahomans, and urge you to support HB 3354 which merely legalizes open carry for Oklahoma Conceal Carry Permit holders.

Please let me know how you intend to vote.



If Oklahoma legalizes open carry, can Texas and Arkansas be for behind?

Carry on!

John Pierce