I ask thatALLPatriots, Constitutionalists, Gun Owners, Conservatives, Democrats and Law abbiding citizens of OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BOYCOTT YESS BOYCOTT NOW the REPUBLIQUE OF KALIFORNIA and its KOMRADS, SWARTZENAGER, AMIANO, SALDANA, FUERER, The Brady Campaignand others whom have continued to take rights away from Law Abiding Citizens. The crimes rate in this state has risen to enormous proportions where the only things Police can do is take a report. This state continues to punish its Law Abiding Citizens by consistent Firearms restrictions and Law takeaways.

I ask that you tell your families, friends ask them to tell their families and friends to spread the word not to patronize theREPUBLIC OF KALIFORNIA in so that tourisim and travel, Vacationing stop. Please have them write letters to Swartzenager expressing their concern of the state infringing upon peoples second amendment rights. Saldana MUST not get away with passing this frivalous bill 1934. This state govenment must realize it is a crime to trample over the constitution which they oathed to support and defend. Lets put a stop to this TYRANNY by our ELECTED officials

Please send Letters of your Opposition to the california Legilature lets do this!!