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Thread: history of OC in FL?

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    I am assuming it was legal up to at least 1987, then the shall-issue came in, there was an 8 month or so period where both were legal with the lisc, then the media made a big deal about some black guy OCing, and they changed it to CC only ( with the fishing/hunting/camping exceptions).

    Anyway, I am wondering what is truth and what is fiction. I will toss in that my mother saw a Seminole guy OCing in 1969 or something, in a restaurant. Heck if I know how she suddenly remembers these things, or if they are even real events. She once told me she saw OCers in a Cody WY K-Mart, then later said she never said that, then she told me she saw OC at a Vermont store that sold guns and hunting stuff among other things. I said "no duh', since gun store employees tend to everywhere. Next she will probably tell me there was someone OCing atRock Bridge (I think is the name)state park outside Columbia MO, or that taxidermists at the PA taxidermy convention in 1996 were OCing.:quirky AndI was there, but how come I don't remember but she does?:quirky:quirky

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    You're history is fairly accurate. OC was not illegal on the state level, but most counties/municipalities had ordinances against it.

    790.053 (OC prohibition) came about more because of the whiney libtards than because of some black dude open carrying. There were a bunch of demonstrations in Miami with folks roaming around in buscadero rigs, and such. Kinda silly, really.
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    Best I can tell by looking through the Florida Statutes is that it was legal until 1987 when the Nanny State / Socialist Big Brother Government mental illness hit Tallahassee.

    For that matter, as a kid growing up in a small town in north Florida, I can remember carrying my single shot bolt action .22 Remington pea shooter down the main street in our town to target practice at one of the many private ranges in town. Nobody even gave it a second glance. It was normal for kids to learn responsible gun ownership by the age of 12 or so. That was just part of growing up and being a man.

    Kind of scary these days that it appears our government has become corrupted with mental midgets, libtards, and sheeple to such a degree that we are in danger of loosing our freedom and liberty to these whiny, cry baby, mamma's boys and girls.

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