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Thread: Gun Safety 101: Mandatory courses in public schools...

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    Gun Safety 101: Mandatory courses in public schools, bounties for thugs

    [size= In Virginia, a new law is currently being debated that will bring firearms education to public schools; an idea that has been urged here in the Evergreen State, but so far remains unfulfilled. Some sheepish parents may not want their children exposed to firearms safety, but that’s a head-in-the-sand attitude because children are exposed to firearms, thanks to television, video games, and movies, and perhaps their friendly neighborhood thugs.]

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    Perhaps they need mandatory gun safety courses for administrators in Seattle. Shockingly ...or not.... everyone is mortified that no one told the campus cop that toys were involved.


    Toy gun at school: Three disciplined, but cops not notified


    Three Washington Middle School students were placed on an emergency expulsion April 12 for having a toy gun at the school.

    But school staff failed to notify the Seattle Police School Emphasis Officer about the incident, and the officer did not learn of discipline until one of the students told her eight days later.

    In an April 21 meeting with a school staff member, in which the officer asked why she was not contacted and the incident was not reported, the staff member did not have an answer, according to a police incident report.

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    Archery was part of our PE class at the high school I attended.
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