Ladies and gentlemen:

Heartland Wisconsin, an Illinois based Corporation, has verified that they have a NO FIREARMS policy. There are no signs in the stores, but they can and will discriminate against those who choose to exercise their right to carry. Both Wisconsin Carry, Inc. and ICarry officials have verified that this is and will continue to be their policy.

I am including a link to their store locator: So you can see WHICH Burger King stores infringe on your rights.

As there are many other options available for fast food, I would encourage you to take your hard earned money to one of their competitors and avoid the Burger King facilities owned by Heartland Wisconsin. If you would like to contact their corporate office to express your concern over this policy here is the corporate contact info:

Heartland Food Corporate Office
1400 Opus Place, Suite 900
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Corporate Office (630) 598-3300

There is also an EMail option on the following page:

Feel free to share this information on any and all other forums you may belong to. If you have fiends, relatives, or neighbors who work at one of their facilities, respectfully request they seek alternative employment with an employer who does not have a pre-existing prejudice against those who carry.