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Thread: Why are ya'll so Loaded Up?

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    I went to Wendover, Utah this weekend for a House Clearing Training Course. About 10 of us show up in the Subway OCing for lunch. I notice the Lady in front of me looking at our guns, so I made small talk about Subs and what we put on them back East. She then asks, "Why are ya'll so "Loaded Up?" I told her because it is our 2nd Amendment, then I told her about our gun training courses.

    She said; "Us soccer Mom types from PA get a bit scared with people "loaded up" with guns." I told her no need to worry about us we are happy, law abiding citizens, and if someone came in here to rob the place they would turn around and go some place else. She agreed, then said words of truth like I never heard them spokenand it was even better to here from a Black Women. (I only mention her skin color because they understand what it is like to be "free" to do one thing in one State and not "free" to do the same thing in another State.Anyway, she states at the end of our converstation about Utah and it's Gun Laws:

    "Out here it is a Different kind of being Free!"

    How awesome was that? She went on to say that her husband is a Park Ranger and he too gets "Loaded Up" for work.
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    Dang! I wish I had known about that course. I would have attended!

    Good Job with the lady!

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    Nice, I love when people listen to what we say.

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