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Thread: Why we carry for protection

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    Anybody know what Target's policy is regarding lawfull carry of a firearm? Just curious as this is a great example of why we might need to defend ourselves and/or bystanders in a very public area. Also trying to figure out if the last statement that the officer was "authorized" to carry in the store was pertaining to California law or to store policy as well.

    Woman stabs 4 in Southern Calif. Target store, off-duty sheriff's deputy orders her to ground

    Associated Press Writer

    WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) -- A woman who stabbed and wounded four people in a busy Target store Monday afternoon was arrested when an off-duty sheriff's deputy pulled his gun and ordered the woman to the ground as screaming shoppers ran from the building, authorities said.

    Layla Trawick used a butcher's knife and a carving knife to attack the victims, using both blades at the same time - one in each hand - and slashing in a downward arc like in the movie "Psycho," sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

    "She was literally walking up and down the aisles slashing people," he said.

    A mother holding her baby was stabbed in the neck and was taken to the hospital, where she was in stable condition, Whitmore said. The baby was unhurt and all four victims were expected to survive.

    One witness said she was shopping for a Mother's Day card when she heard someone screaming, "There is no witness protection program!" as chaos broke out in the store.

    "I don't know what it means but she was yelling that repeatedly and at the top of her lungs," said Katy Winn, a freelance photographer from West Hollywood. "I think I heard (the deputy) telling her to drop to the floor. That's when things got really chaotic and started falling over."

    Winn said she dropped her basket and dashed across the store to the women's section, where she hid behind the clothing racks.

    "From the moment the screaming started it was about five minutes. But it felt longer than that," she said.

    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Clay Grant Jr., said he was picking up paper towels and other items when people around him started running and screaming.

    Grant, 26, grabbed his duty weapon, identified himself as a sheriff's deputy and ordered the woman to drop the knives, he said. She ran away and he followed her from aisle to aisle.

    Grant was wearing a white T-shirt, camouflage shorts and running shoes so several shoppers mistook him for a gunman, adding to the sense of panic, sheriff's Sgt. Josh Mankini said.

    Grant followed Trawick from aisle to aisle, until she turned and waved the knives at him from above her head, he said.

    But he decided not to shoot because he didn't feel his life was in jeopardy, he said. For a second time, he ordered her to drop the knives and finally she complied.

    "I was more concerned about the knife, more than what she was saying," Grant said. "Her facial expression was someone who was lost, confused, didn't know exactly where they were."

    Trawick was arrested with the help of private security guards and held on $1 million bail on suspicion of attempted murder. Investigators were trying to determine whether the 34-year-old Antioch woman got the knives in the store.

    Speaking to reporters at a sheriff's station later, Grant was modest.

    "I don't feel like I'm a hero, I just do what I'm trained to do," he said.

    Whitmore said surveillance video cameras captured the stabbings, but the tape hasn't been released.

    "If he wasn't there, who knows? Someone would be dead right now," Mankini said. "He had no communication with outside law enforcement. He's just some guy doing his shopping. We're pretty proud of him."

    Mankini said Grant, a five-year veteran of the department, was authorized to have a weapon in the store.


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    Don't know about any "official" policy, but I have carried in at least three(3) different Target Stores without incident.

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    The first thing to comment on, while doing a cursory search for Target's ownership and firearms policy, it that they dropped off a sneaky Locally Stored Object Persistent Identity Element. My FF BetterPrivacy app deletes them automatically after two minutes.
    Guns / Toy Guns Target does not sell real guns, or toy guns that can be mistaken for real guns. In the early 1990s, we made the decision to stop selling “realistic” toy guns. We limited the sales of toy guns to those that are brightly colored and oddly shaped and, therefore, will not be mistaken for an actual weapon. We fi rmly believe that any toy gun that has the potential to be mistaken for a real gun is inappropriate for sale at Target.
    I did G00gle site searches on Target's webserver (www), "site" server, "investor" server, "pressroom" server and "targetcorp" server. The 'social responsibility' report linked/copied above is the only guns related policy that I found. My impression is of a fully multi-cultural post-modern corporate entity that panders to the bigbox masses. Good luck.

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    y'all are missing the point. There was a cop there, so there's no need for one of us gun toting yahoo's to be in that store, I mean he was AUTHORIZED to be there with his firearm! and I'm sure there's an off duty cop in every store to protect all of us, the masses from crazy people... right... right?

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    I don't see a reason for a gun here... /rolleyes
    No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. Thomas Jefferson (1776)

    If you go into a store, with a gun, and rob it, you have forfeited your right to not get shot - Joe Deters, Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Prosecutor

    I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians. - George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

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    yesterday,I was at a gun shop looking for a handgun for my wife.The saleman said she should buy a 9mm.He said no one needs a gun around here for self defense.He said there just is not ever a situation where its needed.Not the best gun saleman is he? I hope to never need on for self defense,but I feel a hell of alot better knowing I am prepared to the best of my ability should I need to defend myself or family.

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    we carry to protect ourselves, our property, and our customers. new concept huh? no guns needed here; yeah right sure. vote democrat if you beleive that!

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