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Thread: Recent Request to Board of Firearms Permit Examiners

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    This email in in response to questions posed at a previous Board sub-committee meeting and the recent request for a decision.

    From: Joseph Corradino

    Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 9:27 AM
    To: 'Edward Peruta'

    Subject: RE: Request for information

    I will confer with Bill Knapp (via a cc of this email) and ask for an AG’s opinion on whether a non-lawyer can represent someone before the Board. I think that VA reps may be specifically authorized by statute. I would not want someone to get into trouble for the unauthorized practice of law. When we get an opinion from the AG, assuming it is not the unauthorized practice of law, we can have the full board discuss it.

    Bill, would you please forward this correspondence to the AG with a request for an opinion? An informal one will probably suffice. I am on trial this week and will not have time. Thanks.

    Regards all,

    From: Edward Peruta []
    Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 12:53 PM
    To: Joseph Corradino

    Subject: Request for information

    Mr. Chairman,

    As you know, I made an inquiry at previous sub-committee meeting of the board requesting information and a decision as to whether or not a non-attorney may advocate for and/or assist an appellant during a hearing before the board.

    I base my question on the fact that Veteran’s are regularly represented by and have non attorney advocates when arguing cases before the VA.

    I also need to know if the board will accept and acknowledge a limited Power of Attorney regarding firearms issues before the board so that a more experienced and knowledgeable person may present the facts in an organized and more informative manner.

    My observations over the past several years makes me believe that a well presented opening argument and structured presentation of facts and evidence will go a long way to shortening the length of appeals that are now being argued by individuals with little or no knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to denials and revocations.

    If necessary, I would like this item placed on the agenda for one of your next meetings for discussion and a ruling if necessary.

    Ed Peruta

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    I was wondering about this recently. Thanks for looking into it, Ed.

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