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Thread: Police Officer crashes on the way to investigate "gun toting citizen".

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    Brownstown Township[/i] -- A township police officer and a Meals on Wheels driver were being treated at area hospitals after their vehicles collided as the officer responded to reports of a woman walking down the street armed with handguns.

    The injuries suffered in the 11:30 a.m. crash on King Road east of Telegraph Road were not believed to be life threatening, said Brownstown Police Detective Lt. Robert Grant.

    Preliminary reports indicate that the officer had at least his police lights activated, Grant said, citing witness statements.

    The Michigan State Police is investigating the crash.

    Other officers in the area caught up with the woman, who had returned to a home and was refusing to come out to talk to the officers, Grant said.

    The officers managed to coax the woman out of the home and recovered two handguns without further incident, Grant said.

    Officers took the woman to an area medical facility for mental health treatment, Grant said.

    "That was a dangerous incident," Grant said.

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    Need more info. Was she carrying them in he hands or were they holstered? Did she have a known history of mental illness, a felony record, etc.

    More input....I couldn't find anything with a quick web search.

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    This isn't OC-related. The police were just responding to a crazy person. More details:
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    the officer could be in trouble for having only his lights activated and not his siren while running into another vehicle. He probably violated sop's as well.

    public act 300 requires that whenever your lights are activated that you use your siren "as may be reasonably necessary" basically, if you are running "hot" and get in an accident without your siren being on, using your siren was "reasonably necessary"

    also, the same act requires that emergency vehicles be driven with "due regard for the safety of others" If you are driving an emergency vehicle and get in an accident, you were almost certainly not driving with due regard. This exact scenario has ended up putting ems and firemen in jail. .

    even though he prob won't be found guilty of a crime (thin blue line) he as well as the department could still face civil damages i would think.

    edited: the 2nd article i read said he did have his lights and siren activated.....
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