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Thread: 'Terror Gap' fraud plays well with NW gun prohibitionists

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    'Terror gap' fraud plays well with Northwest gun prohibitionists

    "Shahzad bought a 9mm Kel-Tec rifle. What’s more, according to the Associated Press, he went through all of the legal paperwork and passed Connecticut’s 14-day waiting period.

    "Remember when anti-gunners pandered background checks and waiting periods as the solutions to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals?"

    Or try this:

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    "In Connecticut, Shelton Police Chief Joel Hurliman said Shahzad had passed a criminal background check and legally bought a gun from a dealer in his former hometown."

    I wonder if those who think one of these proposals to stop people on secret government watch lists from buying guns is seriously going to work. Could it be that the people who attempt to buy firearms through normal retail channels do so because they know they can pass the check -- and if they know they can't, aren't they just likely to buy them from some pre-existing terrorist network?

    At what point does the foolishness of making laws only responsible people obey fade into history along with all of the other legislative goofiness of the past, from segregation to laws about sexual practices?

    Law after law burdening responsible people with laws while the bad guys just go around them. As they have. Always and forever.

    Yes, I have nothing new to say. But from the war on some drugs to gun control and so on, I can't tell whether the boredom of yet another proposal along these lines annoys me more than the actual potential burden it will place on responsible people.

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