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    Whenever I am approached by someone with a question about my gun, I hand one of these out. It's impossible for me to relay everything I've learned in just 2 minutes, so I keep the conversation short and leave them a card so that if they are further interested they can go to the right place. I have one other design, I just can't find a hard copy. These are cheap to order so if anyone wants to get together on a few boxes, let me know. I went through 500 last summer; not hard to do. If a few of you want to contribute, I'll order extra for you. I'll be placing an order on the 21st of this month. $15 bucks for 500 of the single sided card. The high gloss, double side card will be $35 for 500.

    Don't forget there is a thread somewhere with the Idaho Pamphlet that has more detailed information on it. These are better for public awareness events or gun booths at shows.

    One card has front and back info...the other is blank on the back.

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    I wish I had one last wensday, I went to the Dr. and from there I went to have a lunch at Los Betos, across from Saint Lukes,on Eagle road, I order my lunch, "chorizo and eggs" I ama Latino man, and waited for my lunch and got it and sat toeat it , about 5 minutes later some man touch my shoulder and said : I know you are not a cop, or work as security, but I can see you arecarrying a big gun, you know it is hard to canceal a 44 magnum, and I said who do you think I am? and that moment his wife came and started talking about guns, and that they told that theywere missioners for the spanish speaking people in California, at this time about 4young men came to see what was going on, I felt inverest for all the attention, and I said to every body who do you think I am ? and then beforeI say anithing this lady say :He is somebody who loves the 2ndA. and thats is why heis O.Cing his gun, I said that is the truth, I explained to these people about the O.C. movement and to go on the internet, but I didn't have any thing on paper to give them, and I was thinking about this cards, and I guess somebody read my maind.

    Do we have an O.C. logo ? I see people from Nevada and Wisconsin have a logo imprinted in cards, t shirts etc, I know there is a logo for something else , but for an O.C.? please let me know, and as always keeo O.Cing. your vaquero friend Israel.

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