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Thread: Carrying open all day shopping in Las Vegas.

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    Carrying open while at Fry’s Electronics, Denny’s restraint, two different Best buys, BofA in Albertsons, Albertsons, Sam’s Club, Wal-mart, Cycle Gear. While filling the car up with Gas.

    The only issue was at the BofA in Albertson’s Just off Maryland Parkway somewhere south of Serine. I guess it really was not an issue just made me a little uncomfortable. They had a rent-a-cop standing just outside the entrance to the bank area. I made eye contact with him and said how are you doing? He politely said ok. However, I do not believe he saw my firearm until I walked in. Me being a southpaw and he was on the other side. I went up to the window, which was just inside the entrance and the rent-a-cop (RAC) walked up behind me and just stood there right behind me. I was cashing a check and ignored him however; I did not like him being so close. As I was being waited on I was thinking he was a little over doing it and I had decided when I turned around to leave I was going to politely ask him if he really needed to stand that close to me. May be indirectly giving him a little OJT. When I did turn to leave he had all ready went back to his corner smiled and said have a good day. I politely said you too decide to call it a good encounter and leave. I never was able to get a good look at him to see if he was armed. I did not think so. I am hopping next time an open carry customer comes into the bank while he is there may be he will back off a little and become a little more at ease. It was a great day of shopping. My wife was a little apprehensive when I told her I was going to start carrying open. She does not give it a second thought now. Kind of like garbing the cell phone just one of the things you do not leave home without.

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    fantastic, today after my girl and I met the Mayor we took a trip over to the Premium outlets and walked around went into about 10 different stores no issue at all only got three people that made a statement which were, what kind of gun is that, and "you guys must be locals cause ya have your guns out great to see" I didnt notice anyone staring or gawking or having worried looks on their faces at all. great day today so now I think its pool time.

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    28kfps wrote:
    I went up to the window, which was just inside the entrance and the rent-a-cop (RAC) walked up behind me and just stood there right behind me.
    My way of handling this is to turn and give the guy the same look that Chris in "The Magnificent Seven" gives the guys when he looks up and discovers that they are still standing in the way at the graveyard. A kind of amazed / what-kind-of-bug-are-you stare, and just stand there until they move, then I go back to my business.

    When I am carrying, I refuse to keep my back turned on someone who is giving me undue attention. It is not safe. You never know if Wyatt Earp is going to decide to try to disarm you.

    This also has the effect of making the rent-a-cop the one causing a delay, in the eyes of the staff and manager.

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