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Calguns News - Please help with CRPA Board Petitions.

Read about it on Calguns ]http://www.*calguns.net%2Fcalgunforum%2Fshowthread.php%3F t%3D297877&i=3&d=61W6W50U-97U0-40Z8-Z569-326UY07Y0673&e=stanley5@llnl.gov]here[/url]

Members of the Calguns Community are running for board positions on the Programs & Coalitions Development Committee of the CRPA. This committee was added at the request of many California gun owners and it is now time to populate it with folks from Calguns. Please help be a part of the continuing improvement of the new CRPA.

Please find a prepared package]http://www.*hoffmang.com%2Ffirearms%2Fcrpa-board%2F2010-CRPA-P%2BC-Candidates-Petition-Package.pdf&i=4&d=61W6W50U-97U0-40Z8-Z569-326UY07Y0673&e=stanley5@llnl.gov]package of Petitions[/url] to elect 6 members of the Calguns community to the CRPA Board of Directors in the Programs & Coalitions Development Committee. The 6 are Brandon Combs (wildhawker), Ben Henslin (obeygiant), Paul Nordberg (Kestryll), Fred Oey (FastFinger), Brett A. Thomas (the_quark), and Kevin L. Thomason (Oaklander.) I'll include their bios in a following post in this thread.


Download the PDF]http://www.*hoffmang.com%2Ffirearms%2Fcrpa-board%2F2010-CRPA-P%2BC-Candidates-Petition-Package.pdf&i=4&d=61W6W50U-97U0-40Z8-Z569-326UY07Y0673&e=stanley5@llnl.gov]PDF package of petitions for[/url] the 6 candidates. If you have problems with the PDF Package, you can download each petition individually]http://www.*hoffmang.com%2Ffirearms%2Fcrpa-board%2F&i=5&d=61W6W50U-97U0-40Z8-Z569-326UY07Y0673&e=stanley5@llnl.gov]individually here[/url]. This is a fillable PDF Form. if you are only signing for yourself, Place your name in "Name of Circulator." Place 1's in "Page __ of __" to make it say "Page 1 of 1" if that is correct. Place the date in "Date Signed", your name and residence (preferably where CRPA thinks you live), and your CRPA member number as well as date of birth in the first line. Print all 6. Sign on the first line and at the bottom above "Signature of Circulator". Note that you can and should certainly circulate to any friends who are CRPA members too.

Send the form to me using one of the following methods:
1. Scan 6 (or more) pages and email to hoffmang@hoffmang.com
2. Fax to 650-264-4701 (no cover sheet necessary)
3. Mail or courier to Gene Hoffman 3200 Bridge Parkway Suite 202 Redwood City, CA 94065.

Please try to get these back to me by June 4, 2010 we have time to get everything pulled together with plenty of time before the due date. I will track the count and forward to CRPA on the 15th.


1. How were these people chosen/why isn't well known Calgunner X on the list?

There already are other Calgunners on CRPA board committees as a committee member which usually leads to them being elected as a director. As such the list of candidates doesn't reflect folks (like Bill Wiese or me) who are or will likely be on the board. Also, due to the required geographic balance in the CRPA bylaws, we've chosen three northern Californians and three southern Californians.

2. What does "I understand that signing more than one petition for any nominee for this California Rifle and Pistol Association Board of Directors election is prohibited" mean?

You may sign one time for any one specific CRPA member who is being petitioned for. You can sign as many different petitions for different candidates for the other board openings. AKA: Yes, you can sign all 6 petitions once.

3. Do I have to be a CRPA member?

Yes you do. Your member number will be checked to make sure you are valid. Please don't sign if you're not a member. You however do not have to have been a member for any amount of time. Feel free to join]http://www.*crpa.org%2Fdept.aspx%3Fdept_id%3D01&i=6&a mp;d=61W6W50U-97U0-40Z8-Z569-326UY07Y0673&e=stanley5@llnl.gov]join today[/url] and then sign the petition (I don't think you can use a "3 month free" membership, but any of the usual paying memberships are good enough). If you do sign up to sign the petition you will need to contact the CRPA office to get your member number. If you can't recall/find your member number, you can also just call]http://www.*crpa.org%2Fcontact.aspx&i=7&d=61W6W50 U-97U0-40Z8-Z569-326UY07Y0673&e=stanley5@llnl.gov]call the CRPA office[/url] during normal business hours.