The Utah GOP is full of people who sincerely care about the issues. I say this because 98% of the elected delegates showed up to vote today. They are the elected state delegates who nominate a United States senatorial candidate to be on the ballot in November.

The convention is being held at the Salt Palace. So I decided to look up schools on a map of the area because I don't have a concealed firearms permit. Seeing how the only school, West High, is 2-3 blocks north, and the Salt Palace security wasn't concerned about the Salt Lake Art Center "School", I decided to give open carrying at the convention a shot. I made a sign that says, "I carry a gun because a cop is TOO HEAVY"(1), packed my lunch and took off.

Right away I was amazed to see people laughing at my sign and praising me for my simple act. Thumbs up, pointing at my hip and giving smiles, winking and patting their chest. Some guy even showed me his ankle holster for his 357. It was odd to me that the stock points forward if worn on the inside of the firing side leg. I had never seen one before and I tried to feel out how one would pull it out. Didn't take long for me to understand why you'd want the stock pointing forward.

I did talk to two police. They approached me very softly. I was getting out of the noise and followed my favorite congressman to the hallway. The police had seen my sign before and asked me to show them more clearly. When they saw that I was being led out with a congressman, they might have assumed I was being escorted away. I appreciated their tone and care with the situation. They asked what I carry and made some small talk. I fancied their numerous chevrons, but wondered if they know the iconography of that image(2).

When the first speaker began his pontification, he showed pictures of Democrats, the crowd loudly booed and made a ridiculous scene. It was a scene straight out of 1984 so that's what I was shouting. As loud as I could, "1984! 1984!" Some confused youths looked back at me, a bright red(head) naughty boy who has just thrown a spit wad at the teacher.

I had a wonderful time. This has boosted my confidence in getting out there and open carrying more often.

(1) Yes, I stole that from a post on this forum.