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    Today I took my family to the LV Zoo on Rancho, OC of course. On the way out I was stopped by what turned out to be the Zoo Director, Pat Dingle. He told me that he had a call about my piece, pointing to my Taurus. He said his response to them was, "this is Nevada". Turns out he is a former NLV Police Detective. Nice guy. His comment with regard to Metro is "you only call them for traffic accidents." I thought that was funny. Being that it is open carry friendly, and always in need of funds, it might be a future fund raising project. By the way, if you have not been there, do so. Yes it is small but quite a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. My kids loved it. Discount coupons for kids are available on-line. The coupons say one coupon per adult, but the lady at the counter said to print out one for each kid regardless of how many adults and they would honor them. Hey, for a lot of people today 2 bucks is 2 bucks. Do some good for OC and do some good for the zoo, go spend an afernoon there.

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    This is good news, always wanted to see the Las Vegas zoo ever since I moved here, sounds like a place definately to visit on my list. I'm glad the director of the zoo approves, good on him!! Also you did a great job, and am willing to support this zoo in any way!!

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    Best Part: "this is Nevada"

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