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Thread: Open Carry at Leitchfield Wally World

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    Well after my wife chiding me to stop putting off the inevitable I decided to carry at Leitchfield Wal-Mart. Other than a few stares and whispers of "He's carrying a gun ,COOL" it was a non-event as it should be.

    My daughter even saw a uniformed city officerin the store while the wife and I were shopping in another part of the store. She said she thought "oh crap here we go" but there was nothing said by anyone.

    I feel liberated LOL!!!
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    Congrats, my OC friend! Just prepare yourself for the first encounter when you do get pulled aside and asked, "Do you have a permit to carry that THING". How you react and handle that encounter will determine it's overall outcome. If you haven't already, read the KRS pertaining to weapons carry, there's not alot that deals in the specific area of OC, mostly to CC. But mainly, know your Rights to OC in Kentucky. Be and speak with authority, don't allow whomever to make you feel like you're doing something wrong. If you seem weak, or nervous, that will only serve to either make them nervous and fearful at the very least or they will think you're a BAD GUY at the worst and that can lead to a MWAG call, NOT a happy picture! Make sure you smile and convey yourself as jovial but not to the point of seeming like a jokester. A good smile, good nature, authoritive, and clam nature will go a VERY LONG WAYS in clearing up any possible encounters quickly, neatly, and without that dreaded over the top MWAG call.

    I'm sure that you've read over the post to the forum about others Wal Mart "adventures" in the past. If it helps, here's my "first adventure" to Wal Mart some months ago. *LOL*

    It conveys best what I was saying above in a real life situation.

    Enjoy and many happy trips to Wal Mart in the future.

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