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Thread: OT: Gun show 5/22-23 Centralia

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    So, being a soon-to-be college graduate, I'll actually be back in Vancouver long enough to actually go to my first gun show. Just wanted to see if anyone's been to one of these "Wes Knodel Gun & Knife Shows" up in Centralia between 5/22-5/23

    Info here:

    Their rules say all carried firearms must be tied open and magazines removed. I'm pretty sure I'll OC to this and comply with their regulations. I'll be taking my high school sweet heart along, who's been itching to shoot and acquire a handgun to protect herself while I'm away

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    I have been to quite a few of the Knodel shows there. not too bad. OC is fine, just have it unloaded, holstered and the mag out when you approach the door. They do NOT have a clearing barrel like the WAC shows do. They will zip tie your pistol for you, re-holster and shop!

    The shows themselves are pretty good. Smaller than WAC, but still decent... Try and find a guy there with a handlebar mustache and a cowboy hat (end cap table, probably off to your right when you come in). His name is Dave and is a nice guy. He's got quite a bit of handguns for sale / trade.

    Currently mapping locations of Shooting Areas as well as Gun Stores - Let me know what is missing!

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