Copied from an NRA ILA alert. Contact the Commission. There is no discernable advantage to mandating hunter orange clothing in Oregon other than to stimulate sales of the clothing and generate revenues from ticketing hunters. The percentages of hunting accidents (shootings) in Oregon are the same for those wearing hunter orange as those who are not when adjusted for the percentage of hunters that wear it voluntarilly. i.e. 15-25 % of hunters are reported to voluntarilly wear it and 19% of accident vitims were wearing hunter orange.


Here's the info from NRA ILA

Proposed Hunter Orange Mandate in Oregon!
There are five different options under the proposed hunter orange rule currently being considered by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission. They range from maintaining the status quo of no hunter orange requirement to a mandate for all firearms hunters other than those pursuing turkey and waterfowl. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a Hunter Orange Report (HOR) to the Commission]
[/url] that contains creative statistics in support of a mandate. Even in this era of ever-expanding government mandates, the decision to wear hunter orange should be left up to the individual, not the state.