Please see the one page flyer TEXT (pdf file attached) about the Walk In The Park exercise that a few Wyoming citizens are planning on taking and asking others to join in.

It is time to spread this message around. Please post this prominently, make copies to hand out and pass the file on to others in Jackson and the surrounding area.

Everything looks to be OK for this simple event, a gathering of like minded individuals. No serious questions or impediments have been raised so far. The only missing bit of detail is the Howdy Pardners Parade and how a group or an assembly of individuals can become part of it.

I CAN NOT get in touch with them to get even an initial reading on this question. If anyone has contacts or could stop by their new office on Center Street, ask them this; How does a marching contingent get into the parade?

If you have any questions, or comments or problems with this, please e-mail or call any week day (eastern time). Even if you think this is a good idea, just send a short note of support; Let us know you will be there.

If you have any friends or groups you think might be interested in this affair, Spread The Word. We all need to see how the community supports this.


Bob Culver
8309 Cherry Lane
Laurel, MD. 20707
Voice: 1.301.776.4488