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Thread: War Memorial vandalized and stolen

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    Sometime lastnight the controversial Mojavewar memorial was vandalized. This was a small remotely located memorial in the california desert. There was a steel cross that stood proudlyuponan outcropping of rocks on what used to be public land. It stood for some seventy years and was supported and maintained by volunteers.

    The SCOTUS recentlydecidedin favor of the cross remaining after opposition calling for its' removal from what used to be public land. The land changed hands in a swap for some private land that was in the area but this was not good enough for the opposition.This legalissue was made personal lastnight and now the only thing to do is leave no stone unturned until those responsible are held accountable. Then the memorial must berestored.

    I have not seen such a cowardly act in sometime.Some years ago I was on duty as USAF Security forces overnight on the 4th of july Someone got to the flagpole, cut the rope and pulled the star spangled banner to the ground. Myself and another Sergeant responded but found no suspect, though we were very relieved to find the flag.Justice was not served then, I now pray that the cross is restored and whoever has it is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    "God Bless America"


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    saddens my heart
    and after such a hard won victory to keep it up.
    when it is restored, if I lived in the area, I would
    volunteer to stand post at the site a couple
    nights a month.
    God Bless America!

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