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Thread: Hold fire, earn a medal. Navy Times. An award like the Croix de Guerre?

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    Bullsnort! :what:What'll they call it... the 'Order of the Pantywaist'? War is about breakin' things 'n killin' people. The more things you break 'n the more enemy you kill... the faster you win. Anything in the target area is a target. It's about winning... not this candyass crap.Once you commit to force of arms... the game's on. If ya can't play that game... pack up yer toys and go home.

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    Not surprising at all. That's a major reason whynone of our enemies abroadneed fear America's military and are acting accordingly, whether they be rag-tag 'insurgents' on the landor rag-tage 'pirates' on the seas.

    Keep that in mind if 'stuff' happens HERE domestically. Don't be 'unnecessarily' intimidated by America's military 'might.' No one else is.

    -- John D.
    (formerly of Galveston and El Paso, Texas)

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