I am going to copy this almost verbatim from the Virginia thread as it applies to the Cincinnati Store as well.

The Bass Pro Shops (Cincinnati, Ohio) will be hosting their 1st Annual "Gun Primer Weekend" on May 14-16, 2010.

Friday 5/14: 6-9 PM
Sat/Sun 5/15 & 16: 1-5 PM

Free seminars will be given each day and include:

Friday 6PM: "Right Gun, Right Caliber": Whether a shotgun, rifle or handgun this seminar will review the important considerations for a new gun purchase

Friday 7PM: "It's the Law": A complete review of local laws and ordinaces. Get the facts about transporting and carrying your firearm.

Friday 8PM: "Reloading Basics": Why should you reload? Learn about selecting equipment, proper reloading techniques and tips to ensure success.

and then on Saturday and Sunday....

Sat/Sun 1 PM: "Right Gun/Right Caliber"

Sat/Sun 2 PM: "It's the Law"

Sat/Sun 3 PM: "Reloading Basics"

Sat/Sun 4 PM: "What is CCW?" - Learn what you should expect from a Concealed Carry class, what it costs, who is eligible, etc.