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Thread: Question on Taurus .40 auto and .44 Wheelgun

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    I've been told by some locals around here that the Taurus large-frame revolvers were problematic and was wondering if anybody here had experience with them to confirm or debunk that claim. I also am considering a Taurus semi-auto .40 cal and wanted feedback on that as well.

    Here are the firearms I am considering:

    I am thinking the Model 100SSPRL would be better for oc. If I was to put myself in someone elses shoes I believe the 100 would look more like a piece of artand not be as intimidating asa cold black hunk of steel (trying not to scare the sheeple).


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    I own a Beretta in 92 and 96, both Inox, and love them to death. Taurus is a cheaper alternative to an extremely similar gun. Some love the PT's, some hate em. when I was buying my gun at Cabela's, The display model PT was actually broken just from the use it gets as a display model, not ever having been fired - the slide wouldnt lock back because the slide catch would wiggle out just enough to let the slide back into place. So I paid the extra monies and got the Beretta.

    I do love the pearl handle and the gold touches. it does look like a very nice work of art.

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    I have a Taurus Millenium Pro in .40 and a Taurus 1911. Both have hundreds of rounds through them with no issues. Some other people on here have complained about stovepipes but I have never had an issue. I carry both guns quite often.
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