I was listening to the John and Ken Show on my way home from work today. The segment was about the daughter of Kelli Rigby who was killed by a driver in a road rage incident. The driver who caused the crash fled the scene and went into hiding. Four years later they find out who did it, but the statute of limitations has run out. So, Ron Sokol, Kelli’s attorney, wants to prevent such an injustice from happening in the future and…

(John and Ken Show; KFI 640 AM; Road Rage 6PM (5/13); Young Girl Killed by Angry Driver; Go to 8 minutes into the segment)
So, Juan goes to our local assembly member, Ted Lieu. He’s running for attorney general. I sat with his office. I prepared a one sentence amendment to penal code section 803. So that in the future if you hit and run and you conceal yourself, the statute begins one year from the date you’re discovered. It would be in the same section as the statute on child molestation…all of which have been extended.

And Mr. Lieu’s office calls me a week later and says, “We’re really sorry, but the Public Safety Commission is not going to let us push any legislation now that is going to increase the prison population.”

So right now if you want to commit vehicular manslaughter, go hide out for over three years. You’re going to get away with it. And our wonderful legislators don’t want to punish you because, for goodness sake, you’d go to prison!
A couple of points struck me about the actions of the Assembly Public Safety Committee:

  1. We are made more susceptible to crime by the Public Unsafety Committee's passage of AB1934, while at the same time the Public Unsafety Committee leaves more criminals on the streets.
  2. We obviously are viewed as not to be a threat to increase the prison population, because we are law-abiding citizens. The tyrants know this and count on ourgiving into their oppression. I wonder what they would do if we weren't law-abiding. Maybe, they would have voted down AB1934 for fear of increasing the prison population!