Guns, games and government-free weddings are expected to be among the highlights as Earth's most successful liberty movement gathers at a New Hampshire campground this June.

Porcupine Freedom Fest ( is a now-legendary annual meetup of "Free Staters," people who pledge they will move to New Hampshire for more liberty.

Over ten thousand of these freedom activists are pledged to make the migration, and hundreds of them show up every summer for the event. This year, like most years, they're holding it at the breathtaking Rogers Campground in Lancaster.

Each "liberty summer," they conduct concerts, hold activism workshops reminiscent of the civil rights era, and openly wear enough firearms to give the entire state of Massachusetts a coronary.

But this isn't the Bay State. It's the Live Free or Die State, the place where the dimming lights of American liberty still shine brightest. And there is no better opportunity to experience new hampshire's liberty culture on full display.

Right-wing and left-wing causes merge as gay dance parties rage side-by-side with evangelical homeschoolers and Republican speechifying. Raves, drug-loving hippies and shooting range expeditionists all seem to be on the same side at this week-long event...where activists tend to divide on only one question: Whether to even bother with traditional politics.

Officially scheduled events include speeches by 2004 presidential nominee Michael Badnarik, Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio and legal-system guru Marc Stevens of Adventures in Legal Land

There's Buzz's Big Gay Dance Party, presumably a good deal of straight dancing too, sporting events, a water-slide and another item you probably won't want to miss, "The Love Shack's Sexy Antebellum Calendar Shoot."

But if past Porcupine Fests are any indication, the event will be more kid-friendly than you might think. It's usually the time and place a freedom-family looks forward to more than any other.

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