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Thread: Tahlequah Daily Press - Oklahoma law enforcement does not think open carry will cause problems

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    TAHLEQUAH — Oklahomans may soon be able to openly carry firearms in public after legislation to allow the practice made its way through the House and Senate.

    Gov. Brad Henry has yet to sign or veto the legislation.

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    Some local law enforcement officials said they don’t believe allowing people to openly carry a firearm will be a problem, nor do they think it will cause an increase in crime.

    “The people who are going to do it legally are going to spend the money and go through a training course,” Police Chief Clay Mahaney said. “I can see it causing our call volume to go up at first, but after people realize it’s the law, I think it’ll slow down.”

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    David Moore, Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, declined to comment specifically on whether he thought any local businesses would place bans on open carry in their establishments. He said the Chamber has not discussed the issue and has not formed an opinion.

    State Rep. Mike Brown, on the other hand, says the right to bear arms is constitutional.

    “Honest, law-abiding citizens who want the right to open carry a firearm or the right to be protected by arms is the fundamental right at issue,” he said. “There are 3,450,654 citizens in Oklahoma, and 97,000 of them have concealed carry permits. Of those 97,000, only a fraction want to be able to open carry.”

    Brown said the state’s current concealed carry law has proved such laws do not contribute to accidental or unwarranted firearm-related deaths. He also said the bill allows judges to carry firearms in the courtroom.

    Wilson said that when he conducted statistical analysis at the crime commission 35 years ago, the data showed people who were armed when victimized were more likely to be seriously injured or killed.

    “When I was in Vietnam, I learned that, even though soldiers and Marines had been well-trained, when in an actual firefight for the first time, some could not function as trained,” Wilson said. “Why should we expect a different result from someone who isn’t trained?”

    Henry hasn’t indicated whether he intends to sign the bill, according to Associated Press reports.

    The AP also says requirements for obtaining a gun license – including a background check and completion of a firearms training course – will remain unchanged.

    The AP says 10 other states allow residents with handgun permits to openly carry firearms, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures. In Montana, citizens can openly carry a handgun without a permit.

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    There doesn’t seem to be a good reason to open carry,” said State Sen. Jim Wilson. “It confuses law enforcement, intimidates citizens and is negative for economic development. It offers no safety advantage.
    Another clueless Politician who speaks from his a$$.

    Send him to Arizona for a few weeks to help broaden his mind.

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    Mark, That is the way the law was written. It is a baby step, but at least it was in the right direction.


    However, today, Henry vetoed the bill, citing the (supposed) LEO concern about whether anyone OC would be a bad guy or being able to tell the (armed) good guy from a bad guy at a crime scene :what:

    In other words, specious, Brady-bunch-style hyperbole. I hope the congress will override the veto. Monday I am pushing all political buttons.

    cheers - okboomer
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    Exercising my 2A Rights does NOT make me a CRIMINAL! Infringing on the exercise of those rights makes YOU one!

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    It is easy to spot the GG. He is OCing. BGs don't OC. They operate in almost exclusively two modes: CC (usually illegally) and brandishing.

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    Vetoed. Will there be enough votes to override? Remains to be seen.

    Yata hey
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