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Thread: Petition-signers urge Oklahoma legislature to override Gov Brad "Veto Happy" Henry

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    Oklahoma Open Carry Petition

    (A growing movement of over 12,000 members)

    For Immediate Release - May 15, 2010

    Oklahoma open carry petition membersurge legislature to stand tall and override Governor Brad "Veto Happy" Henry!

    Even after bill is law, Oklahoma handgun carry laws will be stricter than most states

    Since the Oklahoma legislature passed HB 3354 only days ago by veto proof majorities to make Oklahoma the 44th open carry state, hundreds of more Oklahoma residents have signed the petition at open carry reform.

    Incredibly, Governor Brad "Veto Happy" Henry has vetoed this modest reform billwhich merely gives 21+ year old licensed concealed permit holders the option to take their jackets off. By contrast, most states currently don't even require apermit to open carry a handgun at age 18.

    Petition founder Russ Cook says the veto is a "slap in the face of all Oklahoma gun owners."On behalf of all petition signers, Russ calls on the Oklahoma legislature

    "to stand tall against Governor Brad "Veto Happy" Henry, a governor who has cast more vetoes this year than most state governors do in their entire term."

    A petition signer alert at urges every Oklahoma gun owner to tell their state legislators to reject the veto.

    Though Mr. Cook expects the legislature to do just this, and override the veto, Russ says everyone should remember that

    "gun owners in Oklahoma have elephant memories. Any legislators changing their vote tosustain a veto will likely have some company in their next party primary."
    Carry on!


    Media Contact:
    Oklahoma open carry petition founder: Russ Cook, 405-xxx-xxxx

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    It is imperative that we get in contact with our Oklahoma Senators and Reps. We must let them know, that Brad Henry is governing just like Obama, AGAINST not only the will of the people, but also AGAINST the US Constitution. I am not surprised by his actions as he is a democrat, but, this is close to re-election time, and those who voted against HB 3354 the first time, should be rethinking their positions as their election's are not in the bag, in this reddest of red states. Not a single county in Ok voted for Obama, they all voted for the other guy. With the way Washington has been going, people can see a real distinct difference between today's Republican Party, and the Democrat party. Personally, I would like to see a completely red led Senate and a red led House here in OK. of course I want to see Randy Brogdon as Gov. We need to start making those phone calls! writing those emails. Because if we don’t, our First amendment rights will start eroding away. (They already have, it is called being politically correct) a way to tell you to get in line, behave and shut up. I am not going to shut up and I am not going to stand for this attack on our US Constitution! WE THE PEOPLE, MUST ACT. IT IS OUR FREEDOMS THAT ARE AT RISK. Make our voices heard.

    Thank you. Bob

    ps, if you think you have too much freedom, keep voting for the dems, they will figure out a way to take your freedom and your gun away.

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    If I was an Oklahoma politician I would be angry with the Governor as well. By him vetoing this bill and many of the others he has vetoed recently he sends a message to every citizens and politicians alike that they have no common sense and are can't get rights. So he must take it upon himself to speak for ALL Oklahomans and do away with such nonsense legislation. Apparently what is good enough for 43 of his fellow Governors isn't good enough for him.
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