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Thread: Tulsa NBC 2 - Gunowners not happy with open carry veto

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    Gun owners have a lot to say after Governor Brad Henry vetoed an open carry bill on Friday.

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    "There's a lot of people who think just because you own a gun, you're going to go around and create havoc. I don't think that's right," said David Townsend, a gunowner.

    "I think he's making a small mistake, I do," he said."I think as long as they have their concealed weapon permit, and their background check is done like it's supposed to be, I don't see a problem with the open carry law."

    Townsend thinks open-carry would deter crime, not encourage it. "I don't think you're gonna see the Wild West. You're not going to see everyone walking around with six shooters on their hips.

    Eric Fite hopes to see an open carry bill pass one day. But that wouldn't change much for him.

    "I have a concealed carry license, and I wouldn't carry openly if it passes, because I just don't want to draw that kind of attention to myself."

    He doesn't think crime would go up. "The ones who were predicting rivers of blood and all kinds of catastrophes, none of that has come to pass obviously."

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    The woman at the end of the segment seemed like a plant. Even if she wasn't, placing here at the end clearly indicated the bias of KJRH.

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