No han llegado tan lejos los cientos de miles de ciudadanos que ayer se manifestaron por todo el pa├*s con sus pistolas cargadas y los rifles a la espalda. Reivindicaban su derecho a portarlas abiertamente mientras realizan ┬źtareas cotidianas como conducir al trabajo, pasear al perro, comprarse un caf├ę en Starbucks o un libro en Barnes & Noble┬╗, escribi├│ John Pierce, cofundador de ┬źAquellos que eligen llevarlas abiertamente van tan a lo suyo como los seis millones de estadounidenses que tienen permiso para portarlas escondidas. La ├║nica diferencia es que los que la llevan abiertamente se han quitado la chaqueta.



"Mundane tasks"[/b]

They have gone so far hundreds of thousands of citizens marched yesterday throughout the country with loaded guns and rifles on their backs. Asserted their right to openly carry arms while performing "everyday tasks like driving to work, walking the dog, buy a coffee at Starbucks or Barnes & Noble book," wrote John Pierce, co-founder of "Those who choose to carry openly going about their business so as the six million Americans who have permission to carry them concealed.The only difference is that those who have openly taken their jacket. "
The country better equipped in the world with 90 guns per 100 citizens, according to the Institute of International Studies in Geneva, is no longer content to take them out to go hunting, but want to display them to show off their power and to deter criminals.